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Is Thermal Insulation Mandatory in Old Buildings?

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  • How is Sheathing (Insulation) Made in New Buildings?

How is Sheathing (Insulation) Made in New Buildings?

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How is Sheathing (Insulation) Made in New Buildings?

    Sheathing in New Buildings

    As long as the necessary details are taken into consideration during the construction phase of sheathing and thermal insulation in new buildings, thermal insulation system applications in new buildings can be made more easilycompared to old buildingsWhen opening the channels of the cores and rainwater drain pipes , care should be taken to leave the sheathing allowance , insulating the roof parapets and hidden creeks with today's high quality thermal insulation materials , and also considering the sheathing share of the window sills and the decorative jamb thicknesses if it is considered , exterior cladding applications with the insulation systemIt will eliminate many problems that are likely to be encountered while doing it.

    Rough plastering under the sheathing in new buildings is not technically a necessity, butit will be beneficial for the implementation of insulation system applications without any problems. How is exterior renovation done in old buildings? You can reach our article from the link.

    The process of dressing the buildings by using materials that provide thermal insulation is called sheathing . The definition of thermal insulation is known as all the processes applied to prevent heat transfer between two environments with different temperatures.  

    The energy consumed by combi boilers, heaters, air conditioners and similar devices that we use for heating and cooling in our buildings can be reduced by 50 percent with sheathing exercises. If the foundations and roofs of our buildings are also insulated, this rate can reach up to 60 percent. 

    It should not be forgotten that such an important saving will not only contribute to our own budgets but also to the national economy . The most important heat losses in our buildings are due to columns and beams. For this reason, sheathing exercises to be carried out on interior walls are never lasting, and satisfactory results cannot be obtained  in jacketing systems after covering the exterior and all of the building walls.

    Is Sheathing Mandatory in Old Buildings?

    With the Regulation on Thermal Insulation in Buildings published in the Official Gazette No. 24043 in 2000, sheathing is mandatory for buildings . All newly constructed buildings are constructed by sheathing within the scope of this regulation .

    Today, in cases where a joint decision cannot be made on thermal insulation in apartment life, apartment owners can solve the thermal insulation problem, at least by sheathing their apartments from the inside. 

    In short, sheathing is expressed as the process of dressing the buildings. By definition, it can be called " the process that serves to provide thermal insulation ". Thermal insulation, on the other hand, can be defined as the whole of the processes carried out to prevent heat transfer between two environments at different temperatures. During this process, materials that reduce heat transfer are called thermal insulation materials ( jamb coating ).

    The sheathing process of the buildings , on the other hand, is examined under the name of exterior sheathing, since theis generally treated . The system consisting of the thermal insulation processes applied to the outer wall of the buildings and the whole of these processes is called exterior sheathing. 

    Is Exterior Insulation Obligatory?

    The sheathing of the buildings, in the simplest terms, is trying to dress the building in layers. If you cover the facades of your houses with thermal insulation, the heat inside your house cannot enter the outside, and the heat outside cannot enter your house.

    In this way, the expenditure you spend for heating is reduced by almost half, while spending less fuel is good for our budget, we pollute the air and the environment less.

    The exterior sheathing works like a heat police and traps the heat that tries to escape for the purpose of the house. In this way, the heat cannot escape from the inside to the outside. At the same time, it is beneficial for your own economy, the state economy and nature.

    According to the provisions of the Regulation on Thermal Insulation in Buildings published in the Official Gazette in 2000, there is a requirement for thermal insulation in new buildings . According to the regulation, old buildings must also have thermal insulation until 2018. Legitimate sanctions are applied to buildings that are not sheathed.

    Among the legitimate sanctions on houses that do not have siding ; Transactions such as buying, selling or renting are not possible. In addition, applications such as natural gas and combi boilers cannot be made.

    Sheathing insulation board with the name commonly used in the industry; It is also known as thermal insulation board or insulation board. It is the main ingredient of exterior insulation applications of buildings. Sheathing application is an application with various technical stages. Following the flattening of the floor, profiles called sub-basement are placed and adhesive material is applied in specified dimensions. The sheathing insulation board , which is the main material of the insulation, is placed on the adhesive material . Then sheathing insulation boardsis assembled from the determined quantities again with a process called doweling. Corner profiles are placed so that insulation gaps do not form inside and outside from the corners where the sheathing insulation board intersects with each other. Then, using the technically determined dimensions, the sheathing insulation board is plastered, the filter called the reinforcement filter is placed on the first layer of plaster by embedding in the plaster. The second layer of plaster is applied immediately before this first layer of plaster dries. Finally, decorative jacketing paint is applied, which offers various possibilities.

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